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Our accredited accounting team provides essential financial knowledge and support to agents. They manage commissions and payouts, generate financial statements, track expenses, and ensure compliance with tax laws. Their proficiency is indispensable for maintaining a seamlessly operational and financially precise business.

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Karen Ritter
Regional CFO


Jason Dudgeon
Financial Analyst


Karen Brown
Payroll Coordinator


Ann Higgins
Accounting Lead


Ashley Jones
 Accounting Specialist


Ron Summers
Senior Financial Analyst


  • Certified accounting staff

  • Direct deposit

  • Same day commission check

  • Postage paid for two handwritten notes per business day

  • DepositLink (online earnest money deposit system)

  • Semonin Advantage Fee waived

  • $50 monthly postage allowance (does not apply to Print Shop orders)

  • 200 free color copies per month (does not apply to Print Shop orders

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IT TEAM(1).png

The IT department at Semonin provides efficient assistance and quick resolutions for technology-related issues, effectively reducing downtime and ensuring continuous operations. Through proactive monitoring, tailored solutions, employee training, and rapid threat response, they collaboratively minimize the risk of data breaches. This all-encompassing strategy enhances cybersecurity, instilling you with confidence and reassurance as you interact with clients.


Andrew Mirrow
IT Lead


Austin Hamilton
IT Help Desk Specialist


Travis Schneider
IT Help Desk Specialist



  • Computer Workstation Access

  • High Speed Internet

  • Office printers w/ secure scanning

  • Microsoft Office Suite software

  • Digital camera check-outs

  • Technology support for all types of personal devices


Rhonda Richardson

Corporate Counsel

Having a committed legal expert as a part of your team grants you access to specialized knowledge in real estate law, property transactions, contracts, zoning regulations, and beyond. This availability guarantees prompt and precise legal guidance and support, a critical asset in a dynamic industry where swift deal execution is essential. With an internal legal professional, you can adeptly maneuver intricate legal matters, negotiate contracts assuredly, and ultimately enhance your competitive advantage and industry reputation.

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