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At Semonin, REALTORS®, our approach to real estate is all-encompassing, delivering a comprehensive advantage to both buyers and sellers by orchestrating a unified and effortless real estate journey.  By offering an array of home buying and home selling services, we forge a unique edge that cultivates a user-friendly real estate experience.  Our commitment lies in streamlining the buying and selling process, ensuring efficiency and minimizing stress for customers and agents alike.

Semonin's comprehensive array of services extends its advantages to agents as well.  The New Homes, Relocation, and Commercial divisions enhance an agent's ability to serve a diverse clientele, establish themselves as experts in multiple sectors of the real estate industry, and maximize income potential. The synergies between the divisions, combined with the unique needs they cater to, create a well-rounded and thriving real estate business.



Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC, is a full service mortgage banker specializing in residential and refinance loans.  Prosperity Home Mortgage offers a wide range of mortgage products, including fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, jumbo loans, Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and Veterans Affairs (VA) loans.

From application to closing, Prosperity Home Mortgage strives to create an extraordinary customer experience through the efforts of knowledgeable and caring mortgage professionals where relationships are valued, and the focus is on treating every client as if they were the only client.



Semonin, REALTORS® offers another step in our full service brokerage "one-stop shopping" with title insurance from HomeServices Title. Title insurance affords our customers a convenient source for protecting their investment. With the HomeServices Title Inc. owner's policy, clients have complete protection at a very competitive rate.  Plus, they get other forms of coverage, such as Gap Coverage and Mechanic's Lien Coverage, that other title companies may not offer.

This valuable service provides our customers with a seamless solution for safeguarding their investments. By opting for the HomeServices Title Inc. owner's policy, clients benefit from comprehensive protection at competitive rates.



Having a New Homes Division at Semonin, REALTORS® brings a host of benefits for both clients and agents alike. This specialized division offers a unique edge, positioning Semonin as experts in new construction trends and innovations. Understanding the intricacies of building processes, materials, and developer negotiations, this allows agents to guide their clients through a seamless homebuying journey, ensuring they find not only a house but a brand-new, tailor-made home that perfectly aligns with their desires. In an ever-evolving real estate landscape, our new homes division offers a strategic avenue to diversify business, attract a broader clientele, and foster lasting relationships built on the excitement of turning innovative blueprints into cherished homes.

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The Semonin Commercial division serves as a vital conduit for clients seeking optimal real estate solutions that align with their operational goals and growth trajectories. The commercial division's expertise spans across diverse sectors, from retail and office spaces to industrial complexes and investment properties, catering to the unique demands of each client's commercial real estate requirements.  Whether they are expanding operations, relocating headquarters, or investing in income-generating properties, the commercial division provides tailored solutions that harness the potential of real estate as a driver of success.



As an affiliate of Semonin, REALTORS®, HomeServices Insurance works hand in hand with REALTORS®, mortgage officers, and title professionals to ensure coverage is in place for your clients for an on-time closing.  More about HomeServices Insurance:

  • HomeServices Insurance is a full-service agency

  • HomeServices Insurance will consult with your clients to meet their needs

  • HomeServices Insurance is not constrained by the prices or products of a single company

  • HomeServices Insurance carefully selects top-ranked, nationally recognized carriers based on financial stability, quality service, and range of products and prices

  • HomeServices Insurance provides discounts and savings for packaged products (home & auto)



Recognizing that a home stands as one of the most significant financial commitments in your clients' lives, it becomes imperative to provide them with avenues to safeguard this cherished investment.  HSA's comprehensive home protection plans not only offer peace of mind against unexpected repairs but also enhance the overall value of their investment. 


The Semonin-HSA partnership manifests as a bridge between aspiration and actualization. As you introduce your clients to this remarkable collaboration, you're not just facilitating a transaction; you're sculpting an experience that resonates throughout the homeowners' lives, symbolizing your dedication to their enduring happiness and prosperity.

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In the dynamic realm of real estate, Semonin's dedicated relocation division presents an array of advantages that extend beyond the conventional scope of services. This specialized division serves as a beacon for individuals and families undergoing significant life transitions, offering a seamless bridge between their current location and the exciting prospects of a new one. Semonin's relocation division excels in its ability to navigate the intricate web of logistics, housing options, and local nuances, thereby alleviating the stress often associated with relocating.  Its benefits ripple across the entire real estate ecosystem, fostering a reputation for excellence and innovation. From helping clients find their footing in a new environment to cultivating a network of resources that spans beyond borders, the relocation division embodies the industry's commitment to transcending boundaries for the betterment of those it serves.

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