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Getting Started

Becoming a real estate agent is similar to starting a small business. You wear many hats that help you run that business. Even though you'll work within a brokerage you will essentially be your own boss, and in control of your own success. As a real estate agent, your earning potential has no cap, but it is important to understand that you will get out of the business what you put into it. Just like any small business, you will also need a startup fund for business expenses to cover several months of personal expenses while you build your client base.

At Semonin, we help take the stress out of these first steps by providing you with unlimited coaching, training, and mentoring opportunities. Once you have your feet on the ground and start growing your business, we continue to offer the highest level of support throughout your career to keep you on track of reaching your goals, no matter how high those may be! 

“I love this industry because helping people is my passion, and real estate is a huge event for most any client. Every day is different, and you are always learning. There is nothing better than getting a wonderful, accepted contract on a listing, or when your buyer finds a great home and receives an accepted offer!”

Kelly Hammons, Semonin, REALTORS®

Start-Up Investment

  • Pre-Licensing Course

  • State Real Estate Commission

    • Exam fee, initial license fee, Errors & Omissions Insurance

  • Local Association of REALTORS®

    • Dues, Application Fee, Supra Key​

  • Brokerage Costs

    • Legal Defense Fund, Start-up packages​



start-up $

$2,900 to $3,100



start-up $

$2,400 to $2,600

Our Mission

Real Estate Schools

  • Contact Schools

  • Schedule to fit your needs

  • Price will vary by school

  • Online options available

KY School Information:

IN School Information:

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