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A Day in the Life of a Successful REALTOR®

A typical day in the life of a successful REALTOR® is not exactly what most would assume. Showing clients pretty properties is only a small fraction of what the job actually entails. From prospecting to attending continuing education classes, it is important to fully understand what a day as a real estate agent involves before deciding if this is the career for you.


Prospecting is the most important activity you should be doing on any given day. Creating business through referrals and direct buyer/seller contacts.

Networking is involving yourself in your community, business groups, faith-based fellowships, sports teams, etc. You give back and build relationships along the way.




Skill building is you practicing your real estate craft. From dialog practice to technology and marketing tools, you need to practice to become better.

Education involves continuing education, broker classes, seminars, and reading articles and blogs to learn industry trends and business knowledge.




Buyers and sellers involves working with someone that has a real estate need. This is the "visible" part of your business which most people relate to being a REALTOR®.

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