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Coaching & Classes

Semonin's dedication to continuous education is unwavering. We offer a multitude of in-office training options that are limitless in nature, aimed at enhancing the success of every real estate agent, regardless of their career stage. We frequently incorporate one-on-one coaching sessions, immersive shadowing programs, thorough training manuals, agent panels, and frequent guest speakers to further enrich the learning experience.


Our new state-of-the-art training room makes educating an inspiring and dynamic experience, where knowledge and innovation converge to empower growth and excellence.

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Administrative Support Services

We handle much of the behind-the-scenes effort involved in a real estate transaction, freeing you to concentrate on your essential priorities – serving clients and nurturing relationships! Our in-house resources encompass a dedicated administrative support team that manages transaction paperwork, ensuring accuracy and compliance, collaborates with accounting for prompt payments, and maintains organized digital records, freeing agents to focus on critical tasks. The team also aids in maintaining updated client databases and handles mailings, enabling you to provide a personalized client interaction. With our proficient support, you can trust that the intricate details of each real estate transaction is meticulously managed, allowing you to dedicate your time to meaningful client interactions and relationship-building.



At Semonin, our internal marketing team equips you with the essential tools and resources for the seamless and proficient management of your business. Whether it's the necessities for your daily operations or the means to successfully market and sell your clients' homes, we've got you covered. From professional graphic design and production printing services to a wealth of website and digital marketing assets, we offer a comprehensive array of support to ensure your success. Count on our in-house marketing experts to collaborate closely with you, tailoring strategies and solutions that align with your unique goals. With Semonin, you have a partner that not only delivers tools but actively engages in your success journey, ensuring your business flourishes and your clients receive the exceptional service they deserve.

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Additional Resources

Alongside exceptional coaching and continuous education, administrative support, and marketing services, Semonin provides accounting, IT, and legal support.  Having these services provided in-house ensures that specialized expertise is readily available. This can be crucial for addressing legal matters, financial reporting, and technology-related issues without the need to engage external consultants every time a problem arises. The legal and accounting teams proactively monitor and address compliance issues. Similarly, Semonin's IT team has implemented security measures to mitigate cybersecurity risks ensuring your clients' data is safe and secure.  The specialized expertise of these teams enables you to conduct your business securely and with precision.

Family of Services

Family of Services

Semonin stands out as a distinctive brokerage due to our extensive range of real estate services. Within our network, you gain access to a diverse set of in-house representatives and resources, encompassing:

  • Mortgage

  • Title

  • Home Warranty

  • Insurance

  • New Homes Division

  • Commercial Services

  • Relocation Services


This comprehensive suite of offerings ensures that you have a one-stop destination for all your real estate needs, backed by a dedicated team committed to your success.

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